NORTHSTAR MUSIC STUDIO's Innovative Program ~ Lessons Twice a Month !!

Beginning Music Instruction

Mary's specialty is teaching music Lessons to
beginners of folk instruments: Guitar,
Mandolin, Mt. Dulcimer, Baritone Ukulele,
Piano, Bowed Psaltery, Trumpet, Music Theory,
Note-Reading, Basics of Classical Guitar,
Finger-Picking, Folk Guitar for Home School,
Charter School, Elementary School,
Teens of Jr. High, Sr. High School students & Parents, Teachers; private & small group instruction, workshops.

A heartfelt belief of Mary's is that the learning of a musical instrument, singing, & listening to music is helpful not only in organizing one's brain, but it can be healing and therapeutic to the player, singer and listener. Not only is it a vehicle to meet others, but it is a friend in itself.

"There is no friend like music when the heart is broken, to mend its wings and give it flight again." Daniel Whitehead Hicky

"Music is the art of thinking with sounds." Jules Combarieu"